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FAQs: Division of Finance and Administration Transition

Section 1

On February 7, 2018, the Offices of Planning & Budget and Administrative & Business Services merged to form the Division of Finance and Administration, led by Ronald S. Cortez in the newly titled position of Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor. This merger allows us to leverage many infrastructure and investment opportunities that are currently performed by several functions, including capital planning, lab renovations, design & construction, real estate, budget, accounting, purchasing and strategic planning. Staff in the Division of Finance and Administration will continue to focus their efforts on delivering excellent customer service and integrating fiscal management with the budget planning process, while driving efficiencies and effectiveness. Related updates that are devoted to documenting the transition’s progress will be posted on the transition website. Please submit questions by clicking here.

    1. Why are we merging Administrative & Business Services and Budget & Planning? With the vacancy of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer of Planning and Budget position, an exciting opportunity presented itself to not only further support UCI’s Strategic Plan, but to also leverage administrative support synergies.

    2. Will staff roles be impacted by this transition? The majority of staff members will not be immediately or significantly impacted by this transition. Current jobs and related responsibilities will not change. That said, some staff members (primarily in the executive offices) may experience some changes in duties related to the CFO’s assumption of additional responsibilities. Ultimately, our goal is to bring about a smooth transition that integrates our leadership, minimizes disruption to our customers and our employees, and establishes a cohesive organization of units with a shared vision and identity.

    3. How will this transition be accomplished? Most of the work for this transition will be overseen by the leadership and management teams within each department of Finance & Administration. Our staff can support transition work by continuing to deliver excellent service on a daily basis to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Shaina Sims (; 949.824.37261) and Kelly Kadlec (; 949.824.82442) will coordinate efforts to update applicable websites, business cards, wordmarks, and other identifiers to ensure consistency during this transition time.

    4. What are the next steps? We are committed to timely and transparent communications regarding any process, business or organizational changes. In addition, we will continue to explore and assess the university’s structures and administrative processes to ensure operational efficiency continues without interruption and serves the growing needs and changing environments across campus. We are focused on developing a unified, organizational strategy.

    5. What are the transition changes specific to former Planning and Budget Units? Click here to view details specific to former Planning and Budget Units.

    6. Is there a central link for divisional information that is located on the web? Please visit the DFA website, select the “Resources” tab, and explore the “Division of Finance and Administration Employees” links. Our website provides documentation specific to our Division’s policies, practices, and processes.

    7. Describe the timeline for the transition with regard to Shared Services or other transactional/mechanical aspects. How will this timeline be determined? The goal is to be fully transitioned by June 1, 2018.

    8. Will the Support Services team conduct a workshop about their services to my group? My group has a lot of questions that I cannot answer completely. Support Services will be presenting at the Town Hall on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 to clarify the support they offer to DFA. Please email Executive Director David Ott ( if a group-specific presentation is desired.

    9. How will space be handled? Specifically, as new people are hired and others move, will there be a rearrangement of offices/cubical space? Are any of the departments within DFA going to relocate (physically) as a result of the transition? In general, space management for the campus is handled by the Director of Space Management (Greg Jue). For departmental needs, Support Services will coordinate with department heads or their assigned designee. Currently, the Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor will be relocating from the fifth floor to the fourth floor within the next three months, which requires office space to be reconfigured on the fourth floor. Plans will be communicated as information becomes available. If you are curious about whether your unit is moving, please reach out to your supervisor.

    10. What is the best mechanism to inform the VC of current projects/initiatives? DFA has weekly meetings that include all of CFO and Vice Chancellor Ron Cortez’s direct reports. Please speak with your supervisor about any projects you believe CFO-VC Cortez should have an awareness of and coordinate a communication plan with your department head.

    11. Will there be any additional reorganizations in the Division of Finance and Administration? If so, it would be beneficial to provide a roadmap for future changes. There are no additional reorganizations planned at this time. However, we want to remain an agile organization, capable of supporting the strategic initiatives of the campus to the best of our ability.

    12. Are there plans for any more shared support services? There are no immediate plans for additional shared support services. However, in spirit of continuous improvement, we will carefully consider any opportunities that present themselves.

    13. With the merger of both divisions, will there be opportunities to collaborate and have open dialogues and discussions with the Budget Office during the budget planning phase? The opportunity to collaborate and dialogue with the Budget Office has always been available. Budget discussions will mainly be coordinated with Support Services, Budget & Finance team; however, if you have a specific need that is not being addressed, please email David Ott directly. In addition, please email if you have an idea or a suggestion that would benefit our division.


Last updated on April 17, 2018