Administrative & Business Services

Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor - Division of Finance and Administration

Staff Information

Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor

Ronald Cortez Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor 949.824.0220
Rick Coulon Associate Vice Chancellor 949.824.5108
Mary Clark Chief of Staff 949.824.6787
Kelly Kadlec Director of Strategy
Stephanie Tenney Manager, Customer Solutions and Campus Records 949.824.3454
Shaina Sims Integrated Communications Manager 949.824.3726
Jenifer Swann Integrated Systems Development Manager 949.824.6956
Debbie Hunt Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor 949.824.5109
Denise Baharie Administrative Analyst 949.824.8630

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Support Services

Support Services David Ott Executive Director, Support Services 949.824.4280
Budget & Finance Gary Krekemeyer Budget & Finance Manager 949.824.7318
Budget & Finance Larry Buttrey Senior Finance Analyst 949.824.4956
Budget & Finance Michael Walako Senior Finance Analyst 949.824.6044
Business Services Ron Sellars Business Manager 949.824.6536
Business Services Genevieve Yulo Business Manager 949.824.7675
Human Resources Margie Ikerd-Gyorgy Human Resources Manager 949.824.9392
Human Resources Rebekah Porrino Budget & Human Resources Specialist 949.824.9571
Human Resources Lourdes Torres Budget & Human Resources Coordinator 949.824.5147



Accounting & Fiscal Services 949.824.8303
Planning & Budget 949.824.7677 Contact List
Capital Planning and Space Management Contact List Contact List
Design & Construction Services 949.824.6630 Contact List
Environmental Health & Safety 949.824.6200
Facilities Management 949.824.5444
Institutional Research Contact List
Internal Audit Services 949.824.7543 Contact List
Procurement Services 949.824.6516
Public Safety Department 949.824.5223
Real Estate Services 949.824.6637 Contact List
Risk Services 949.824.5108 Contact List
Trademarks & Strategic Contracts 949.824.8964 
Transportation & Distribution Services 949.824.4275
UCPATH 949.824.9260