Division of Finance and Administration

Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor - Division of Finance and Administration

Staff Information

Office of the CFO and Vice Chancellor

Ronald Cortez Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor 949.824.0220 rscortez@uci.edu
Stacey Layton Interim Executive Assistant 949.824.5109 srlayton@uci.edu
Rick Coulon Associate Vice Chancellor 949.824.5108 rcoulon@uci.edu
Mary Clark Chief of Staff 949.824.6787 mary.clark@uci.edu
Kelly Kadlec Director of Strategy
949.824.8244 kkadlec@uci.edu
Stephanie Tenney Manager of Customer Solutions and Campus Records 949.824.3454 sktenney@uci.edu
Shaina Sims Senior Manager of Communication and Strategic Initiatives 949.824.3726 simss@uci.edu
Jenifer Swann Manager of Integrated Systems Development 949.824.6956 jmnorthr@uci.edu
Denise Baharie Assistant Administrative Analyst 949.824.8630 dbaharie@uci.edu
Patricia Cooper Assistant Administrative Analyst 949.824.9832 pacooper@uci.edu
Annie McGregor Assistant Administrative Analyst 949.824.5589 aemcgreg@uci.edu

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Support Services

Support Services David Ott Executive Director, Support Services 949.824.4280 ottd@uci.edu
Support Services Jennie Clacken Senior Analyst 949.824.7677 jclacken@uci.edu
Budget & Finance Gary Krekemeyer Director, Budget & Finance 949.824.7318 gkrekeme@uci.edu
Budget & Finance Larry Buttrey Principal Finance Analyst 949.824.4956 larry.buttrey@uci.edu
Budget & Finance Elizabeth Perez Senior Finance Analyst 949.824.7074 elizap3@uci.edu
Budget & Finance Michael Walako Finance Analyst 949.824.6044 mwalako@uci.edu
Business Operations Genevieve Yulo Director, Business Operations 949.824.7675 genevieve.yulo@uci.edu
Integrated Business Systems Ron Sellars Director, Integrated Business Systems 949.824.6536 rsellars@uci.edu
Integrated Business Systems Thomas Porrino Payroll Coordinator 949.824.4494 tporrino@uci.edu
Integrated Business Systems Lena Yu Business Services Analyst 949.824.2126 yulc@uci.edu
Information Technology Services Pejman Khoshkhoo Director, Information Technology Services 949.824.1598 pkhoshkh@uci.edu
Information Technology Services Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa Manager, Information Technology Services 949.824.4586 shinojos@uci.edu
Human Resources Margie Ikerd-Gyorgy Director, DFA Human Resources 949.824.9392 mgyorgy@uci.edu
Human Resources Rebekah Porrino Human Resources Specialist 949.824.9571 rlen@uci.edu
Human Resources Clara Yoo Human Resources Specialist 949.824.7101 clyoo@uci.edu
Human Resources Lourdes Torres Human Resources Coordinator 949.824.5147 torreslj@uci.edu
Trademarks & Strategic Contracts Hung Pham Interim Director, Trademarks & Strategic Contracts 949.824.8964 hung.pham@uci.edu



Accounting & Fiscal Services 949.824.8303 afs@uci.edu www.accounting.uci.edu
Campus Physical & Environmental Planning 949.824.6316 Contact List www.eps.uci.edu
Capital Planning & Space Management Contact List Contact List www.cp.uci.edu
Design & Construction Services 949.824.6630 Contact List www.designandconstruction.uci.edu
Environmental Health & Safety 949.824.6200 safety@uci.edu www.ehs.uci.edu
Facilities Management 949.824.5444 fmavc@uci.edu www.fm.uci.edu
Office of Institutional Research Contact List  oir@uci.edu www.oir.uci.edu
Internal Audit Services 949.824.8058
Contact List www.audit.uci.edu
Planning & Budget 949.824.7677 Contact List www.pb.uci.edu
Procurement Services 949.824.6516 procurement@uci.edu www.procurement.uci.edu
Public Safety Department 949.824.5223 police@uci.edu www.police.uci.edu
Real Estate Services 949.824.6637 Contact List www.fa.uci.edu/real-estate
Risk Services 949.824.5108 Contact List www.fa.uci.edu/risk_services/
Trademarks & Strategic Contracts 949.824.8964 trademarks@uci.edu www.trademarks.uci.edu/ 
Transportation & Distribution Services 949.824.4275 parking@uci.edu  www.parking.uci.edu
UCPATH 949.824.9260 ucpath@uci.edu www.ucpath.uci.edu